Pilot your life, with one finger

Touchless, Motion/Gesture Control, Waterproof, Stylish

I want one!

Talon is a smart ring which uses motion or gestures to play games or control Apps on smart devices such as phones, tablets, smart TVs, VR headsets, smart IoT devices. Compared to a traditional motion control gaming hardware which can be clunky, the Talon is a tiny finger ring. It also takes you from 2D touchscreen to 3D touchless space, Talon is all about having fun anywhere anytime on the go!


Talon gives you the total immersion into the VR/AR world

Our Story

When we were young, gaming was a household hobby. Though the 8 bit gaming consoles were responsible for growing our imagination, they were big and clunky. What if we could scale down the size of the whole machine?

Technology answered with a strong yes. Since then we have been seeing the increase in processing power with simultaneous reduction in overall size. New age gaming systems had so much to offer for a gamer. With the help of a multi-button controller/ pad, this gave the opportunity for players to leave the real world behind and enter a whole new virtual world.

However, we wanted more. We have always wanted to give the player more immersion, more involvement. It is great that you are pushing a button to fly in a game. But it was not enough for us. Today, nearly a decade after wireless gaming has been introduced you can actually wave your finger in the air to control various aspects of a game thanks to the Talon.