Who We Are


Titanium Falcon is always exploring what can be challenged and changed in today’s life. The true power of the brand is to read beyond technology and transform it into the future. By pursuing this, we want our idea, design and vision to seize your attention, minds, and hearts.


Entertaining Spirit

We are a group full of tech, VR/AR, gaming and entertainment enthusiasts. Our founder builds within the company an entertaining spirit that runs deep in hardware, software, and product design. Looking at the ever-changing human-machine interfaces, we are creating new ways of interaction that allow you to have fun anytime anywhere on the go!


Innovator & Practitioner

Disruption is Falcon’s blood and bone. Here we mean new concept that essentially change current landscape. Our innovations originate from natural human-machine interaction. We are here to create the next-gen products. We are also down-to-earth practitioners in terms of actual user experience. We want to make sense of every innovation and we have support in the team for every new idea.



Titanium Falcon advocates intelligence. We invest in people, the technology, and the data that drive our connection to the world around us. The intelligence is an on-going process of learning, planning and adopting. We believe it’s a cooperative effort that makes us go forward.



We create, design and produce consumer products. That’s why we embrace style and design. We see our position as being the perfect wearable to a fashionable and interesting daily life, and we take risks by creating an unusual language of architecture.