A highly skilled and diverse team of designers and engineers with a strong passion and previous work experience in the gaming industry. We are ready to take the gaming industry to the next level. Having worked in many projects around the world, this team is set for a new adventure in Motion Controlled Mobile Gaming.

We have searched high and low for our engineers. We proudly have the best hardware engineers suited with the task of creating a world class circuit design from scratch.

As a company built by business graduates, Titanium Falcon also has one of the best marketing and finance teams focusing the company in the right direction.

Huijuan Guo (Juan)

CEO & Founder

Fu Luo-Larson

Lead Hardware Engineer & CoFounder

What we do?

We focus on games but certainly

do not limit to games!

Titanium Falcon Inc. is a start-up enterprise that focuses on bridging the gap between wearable technology and mobile gaming. This essentially means enabling motion/ gesture controls for the mobile and casual gaming segment thereby enhancing the player experience while being user-friendly at the same time. Motion control is currently one of the biggest innovations in the gaming industry. It has been pioneered by mega corps like Nintendo and Microsoft. Motion control gaming widens the gaming demographic; ‘Anybody can play and have fun’. There is however a gap in the target demographic.

Problem Currently in order to play Motion controlled games, one must purchase both the expensive hardware and software: Displays (TV), Wii or Xbox and Kinect, and so on. And it requires a large physical space to support this type of gaming. Mobile gaming currently also has a few shortcomings. Most games make use of an on-screen keyboard/ controller to interact with the game. This is not only difficult to handle while holding the mobile device, but also reduces the viewing area. At Titanium Falcon, we want to outsource the controller to a physical motion controlled device so that the users can get the most out of the mobile gaming experience.

Considering the increasing growth in wearable technology. Titanium Falcon plans to reduce the size of motion controlled device to a wearable level. Connecting with any smart device: phone, tablet, smart TV, smart watch, VR headset, our product will let players play motion controlled games at any place and any time on the go.