Who We Are

Titanium Falcon is always exploring what can be challenged and improved upon when it comes to our relationship with technology. We take the dream of seamless everyday interactions with our devices and turn it into a reality. At the core of our business is the determination to improve communication between people and computers, while also making our wearables truly wearable. We are a company of tech, VR, AR, gaming, and entertainment enthusiasts. We invest in our people, to set them up for success in producing the best in technology, while also forming opportunities for continual re-examination, learning, and adaption. We believe in fostering a cooperative, collaborative, and creative culture.

Titanium Falcon, Inc., was founded in 2014 by Huijuan Guo, with the dream of creating a ring wearable (now the Talon) to make gameplay more fun and immersive. As she and her team did extensive R&D for the next three years, she discovered that this product had endless applications. With this concept, she moved forward with development of the product and created plans for the launch. She was joined by her former MBA-classmate, Anna Zhang, who came on as the new COO, and together they grew their team.

Fast-forward, and our mission is clear: we create, design, and produce consumer products. Being fashion-forward and having a finger on the pulse of the mainstream will always be a priority, so that customers can feel confident and comfortable in our devices. Be on the look out for our first consumer product, the Talon, a motion-controlled ring wearable. Release date to be confirmed and publicized soon.